The Mamas (Beyonce's back up singers) record on a Mac with Apogee MiC

The Mamas, professional backup singers for Beyonce, recently fell in love with Apogee MiC while backstage before a performance in Atlantic City. Once the Beyonce tour had concluded, the trio parted ways to return to their respective hometowns. The collaboration did not end however, as The Mamas were able to continue singing together. Spread across the US, The Mamas each recorded their parts to Diana Ross' "Love Hangover", a song they often perform together as an interlude during Beyonce's set, using Apogee MiC, a Mac and GarageBand to create one great sounding track.

Take a look at their great reactions to MiC

ECHO Awards with microphone and monitoring systems from Sennheiser

On 22 March, the curtain went up for the 21st time on Germany’s ECHO Awards, televised live by public broadcaster ARD from the Messe Berlin exhibition centre. The awards show had an impressive opening, with a powerful medley by the nominees for the best radio hit and a marching band on three stages. Sennheiser microphones and monitoring systems played a key role in the show’s success. All wireless monitoring systems were provided by Sennheiser, with wireless Sennheiser microphones also being used by the majority of the live acts, by all of the award presenters and by the two show presenters Ina Müller and Barbara Schöneberger.

TC-Helicon | VoiceLive Play/GTX Video Manuals

Tc-Helicon has released a series of Video Manuals for their VoiceLive Play and als VoiceLive Play GTX ... These videos try to be comprehensive, but don’t cover every usage case.

TC-Helicon | VoiceLive Play Part 1


TC-Helicon | VoiceLive Play Part 2


TC-Helicon | VoiceLive Play Part 3


GTX Guitar Part 1

 GTX Guitar Part 2

DTS and FM Broadcasters deliver first surround sound radio experience in China

DTS, Inc. has announced a collaboration with Chinese FM radio broadcasters to deliver DTS 5.1 content. By incorporating DTS Neural Surround™ technology - widely embraced in the U.S. for live sports and HD radio broadcasts—Guangzhou Broadcasting Network (GZBN) and Anhui FM radio station are the first to offer surround sound radio broadcasts in China. The immersive, realistic content can be heard on the program “HD Music Time” on GZBN FM 102.7, on “AV Space” on GZBN FM 96.2 and on Anhui Radio FM 98.0. 

Roland Jupiter-80 Version 2 Available Now

Roland’s all-new JUPITER-80 is a groundbreaking live performance synthesizer that simply could not have been built until now. It’s the first synthesizer designed completely around SuperNATURAL® sound modeling technology, delivering expressive instrumental realism far beyond anything previously possible. Since the launch of the JUPITER-80, many professional keyboard players and producers have praised its expressive SuperNATURAL sounds and live-performance capability. With the Version 2 software update, the JUPITER-80 offers new features that enhance its synthesis power, and provides more flexibility and creativity for musicians designing their own sounds.

Source: Roland Press Release

Livid Instruments XPC Controllers

Livid Instruments XPC Expansion Controllers are a great addition to your CNTRL:R, Block, or OhmRGB. The controllers are plug and play and don’t require any special setup. Housed in a sleek black aluminum case, these handy modules come in a variety of configurations that adds more continuous control to your rig.

Livid Instruments XPC Expansion Controllers connect to CNTRL:R, Block, or OhmRGB through their 10 pin expansion ports with a single ribbon cable. The XPC series controllers allow you to add additional controls to your setup without having to add a bunch of extra gear and doesn’t take up additional USB ports. You can easily swap modules for different needs, too. Their compact size packs in a lot of control without taking up too much space in your studio or your bag.

The price for each one of thhese is $129. More details you can find directly on the official site.

Cesko Audio Fullrange Monitors

Cesko Audio Fullrange Monitors Tech Specs ...

# 8“ Fullrange with Neodym Magnet and Papercone
# 2x25 Watt DSP powered Transconductance Amplifier
# Speaker: WxHxD 23x23x18,5cm - 24x24x22cm without Plugs depending on Finish
# Amp: 30x17x10cm
# +/- 3db from 25Hz to 20kHz
# Lowcut 16-200Hz variable
# For Near and Farfield Use

Cesko Audio Fullrange Monitors

Waves announces “64-bit Blowout” Promotion | Save 64% off selected Native Bundles like Restoration, Video Sound Suite & more, plus 64 Native Plugins

Waves announces “64-bit Blowout” Promotion | Save 64% off selected Native Bundles like Restoration, Video Sound Suite & more, plus 64 Native Plugins
For April, Waves Audio will have a big sales promotion for all new customers. It is a limited time promotion because the offers are valid through April 30.

Waves 64-bit Blowout | 25 % Off Native Bundles

Waves Bundles Mercury – new price $3664 (old price – $6300)
Waves Bundles Horizon – new price $1964 (old price – $3500)
Waves Bundles Diamond – new price $1464 (old price – $2500)
Waves Bundles Platinum – new price $964 (old price – $1600)
Waves Bundles Gold – new price $464 (old price – $800)
Waves Bundles Silver – new price $364 (old price – $600)

Waves 64-bit Blowout | 64 % Off Selected Bundles

Waves Bundles Restoration – new price $389 (old price – $1100)
Waves Bundles IR360° – new price $269 (old price – $750)
Waves Bundles Dorrough Surround – new price $179 (old price – $500)
Waves Bundles Video Sound Suite – new price $179 (old price – $500)
Waves Bundles Z-Noise – new price $179 (old price – $500)
Waves Bundles IR-1 – new price $179 (old price – $500)

Waves 64-bit Blowout | 64 Plugins – Only 64 each

AudioTrack, C1, C4, Center, CLA Bass, CLA Drums, CLA Effects, CLA Guitars, CLA Unplugged, CLA Vocals, DeBreath, DeEsser, Doppler, Doubler, Enigma, InPhase LT, IR-L, JJP Bass, JJP C&P, JJP Drums, JJP Guitars, JJP Strings & Keys, JJP Vocals, Kramer Vocal, Kramer Bass, Kramer Drum, Kramer Effects, Kramer Guitar, L1 Ultramaximizer, LoAir, Maserati ACG, Maserati B72, Maserati DRM, Maserati GRP, Maserati GTi, Maserati HMX, Maserati VX1, MaxxBass, MetaFlanger, MondoMod, Morphoder, OneKnob Phatter, OneKnob Driver, OneKnob Wetter, OneKnob Filter, OneKnob Louder, OneKnob Brighter, OneKnob Pressure, Q10, Renaissance Axx, Renaissance Bass, Renaissance Comp, Renaissance DeEsser, Renaissance EQ, Renaissance Reverb, Renaissance Vox, S1 Stereo Imager, SuperTap, Trans-X, TrueVerb, UltraPitch, UM225/226, Waves Tune LT

More information you find on the official site.

Top sound meets top design: elegant earphones from Sennheiser for high-quality music enjoyment on the move

The CX 980 earphones from Sennheiser will appeal to music fans not only with their top-quality sound but also with their elegant design. High-grade metal and a finely crafted finish provide these high-end earphones with a touch of class.

“Electronic devices for mobile applications have to meet increasingly demanding requirements – and that also applies to headphones. They are expected to provide top-quality sound on the move and at the same time have an excellent finish quality," explained Ivan Kuan, head of Product Lifecycle Management at Sennheiser Consumer Electronics.

“The CX 980 combines these demands in an excellent manner." Dynamic loudspeaker systems with powerful Neodymium magnets guarantee a lifelike sound image with a highly detailed resolution in a frequency response from 16 to 24,000 Hz. The ear adapters made of soft silicone or foam fit comfortably in the ear canal to offer effective attenuation of external noise. The large selection of seven adapters not only allows the earphones to be adapted perfectly to every ear size, it also enables users to change the sound image according to their preferences – depending on whether they prefer a bass-focused, bass-intensive or fully balanced sound.

Sound Perfected Sennheiser presents its digital headphone amplifier

Building a hi-fi device that sounds so brilliant, so crystal clear and so free of distortion as if one were sitting right in front of the audio source. Creating a level of acoustics that surpasses everything that has gone before. These are the visions that drive Sennheiser in the development of its high-end products. For the first time, Sennheiser is now launching an amplifier for dynamic headphones, thus making the Sennheiser sound experience perfect. The digital HDVD 800 has a fully symmetrical layout and sampling frequencies of up to 24bit/192kHz to ensure an unequalled listening experience. It also harmonises perfectly with Sennheiser's HD 800, HD 700, HD 650 and HD 600 high-end headphones.

The outstanding features of the HDVD 800 include its balanced sound image, maximum precision and impressive spatiality. The high-end headphone amplifier has a fully symmetrical layout for operation with analogue audio sources, thus ensuring absolutely symmetrical signal transmission from the source to the headphones. For use with digital sources, the amplifier is equipped with a high-quality Burr-Brown digital/analogue converter that converts digital audio data into analogue signals with a resolution of 24 bits and a sampling rate of up to 192 kHz. This enables the HDVD 800 to transmit the entire frequency spectrum of high-end audio sources without any loss of frequencies.