Livid Instruments XPC Controllers

Livid Instruments XPC Expansion Controllers are a great addition to your CNTRL:R, Block, or OhmRGB. The controllers are plug and play and don’t require any special setup. Housed in a sleek black aluminum case, these handy modules come in a variety of configurations that adds more continuous control to your rig.

Livid Instruments XPC Expansion Controllers connect to CNTRL:R, Block, or OhmRGB through their 10 pin expansion ports with a single ribbon cable. The XPC series controllers allow you to add additional controls to your setup without having to add a bunch of extra gear and doesn’t take up additional USB ports. You can easily swap modules for different needs, too. Their compact size packs in a lot of control without taking up too much space in your studio or your bag.

The price for each one of thhese is $129. More details you can find directly on the official site.