DTS and FM Broadcasters deliver first surround sound radio experience in China

DTS, Inc. has announced a collaboration with Chinese FM radio broadcasters to deliver DTS 5.1 content. By incorporating DTS Neural Surround™ technology - widely embraced in the U.S. for live sports and HD radio broadcasts—Guangzhou Broadcasting Network (GZBN) and Anhui FM radio station are the first to offer surround sound radio broadcasts in China. The immersive, realistic content can be heard on the program “HD Music Time” on GZBN FM 102.7, on “AV Space” on GZBN FM 96.2 and on Anhui Radio FM 98.0. 

“Rising consumer demand for high-definition programming coupled with an increasingly competitive marketplace highlighted the need for an audio solution to take our programming to the next level,” noted Mr. Hong Lei, Deputy Controller of Anhui Radio Station. “The superior sound experience created by DTS’ technology integration into consumer devices attracted us to this alliance, as it delivers a cost effective and high-quality solution that offers our listeners an exceptional audio entertainment experience.”

DTS Neural Surround™ encodes original surround sound content in stereo by spectrally separating individual audio elements while preserving image placement and spectral balance of the original surround recording. This innovative solution transmits surround sound over distribution platforms that are limited by traditional bandwidth constraints, such as FM and digital radio. 

“While digital music consumption is creating a significant impact on most music content distributed via physical format, the DTS 5.1 Music Disc is unique premium content format that is still very well received in the China market,” noted Ms. Lai, president of Pacific Audio.  “However, for a long time the market size was limited due to playback availability exclusively through home AV equipment, but now the DTS 5.1 Music Disc content will reach a wider audience through FM radio broadcasts. We are happy to see the growth of the premium music market and would like to expand our collaboration with DTS in order to drive creation and delivery of premium audio content.”

“As the first Chinese FM radio broadcasters to embrace DTS’ surround sound audio, both GZBN and  Anhui state FM radio have forged a new path, elevating the art of Chinese broadcasting,” remarked Roy Law, DTS’ vice president and managing director, Greater China Region. “Our work with local content creators, consumer electronics manufacturers and broadcasters demonstrates our continued commitment to remain at the forefront of audio innovation.”

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